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Want Fitness, Strength, Conditioning, and Body Building Tips from Dr. Kerry?

Personal Training

Get started with the Fully Fueled approach to training. Dr. Kerry will develop a custom plan fit for you.

Exercise, exercise, exercise – is what we are told to do to lose weight and get healthy. Guess what, “exercise” is not a human movement! There are seven basic human movements that define how a human body moves and interacts with the real world. These movements will create a body of appropriate shape, size, and strength. Fully Fueled Fitness offers real solutions to make you fit, strong, mobile, and free of excess body fat and chronic pain.

Lubbock Personal Trainer Kerry Thuett
Lubbock Fat Loss Coaching
Lubbock Fitness Trainer Kerry Thuett

Dr. Kerry Thuett is a holistic health and fitness consultant who teaches people how to use nutrition, movement, sleep, and stress relief to lose fat, build muscle, and manage chronic pain and disease.