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Dr. Kerry Thuett is a holistic health, fitness and life coaching consultant who teaches people how to use nutrition, movement, sleep, and stress management to lose fat, build muscle, and optimize health and healing.

Her methods are bio-individual, and help fuel the body to heal itself of chronic diseases of modern man.

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Dr. Kerry Thuett has a Ph.D. in neurotoxicology and is a certified nutritional therapist, strength and conditioning coach, and a trained behavioral change and lifestyle consultant. She has 25 years of teaching / coaching experience. She personally lost 165 lbs while increasing muscle by 33% using fat loss and fitness techniques she researched and developed. Dr. Kerry can work with you to develop an individually tailored plan based on your goals, genetics, the neuroregulation of appetite, and lifestyle.


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Dr. Kerry believes that a healthy human carries an appropriate amount of body fat and muscle, and is free of chronic disease. Her goal is to help others learn to use food as fuel and source of fundamental components of the body, as well as to incorporate appropriate strength and conditioning into a lifestyle that leads to sustained fat loss, increased strength, improved blood markers of health (cholesterol, blood sugar, thyroid, etc.), and whole-body wellness.

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Personal Training

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Dr. Kerry is an expert in body composition modification. She is certified in strength and conditioning by The National Strength and Conditioning Association, the premier academic strength and conditioning organization in the world. She is also certified and trained in Gray Cook Functional Movement Systems™, Yoga Tune Up®, Mobility WOD™, GymnasticBodies™, Olympic weight lifting, powerlifting, kettlebell sport, CrossFit®, and Precision Sports Nutrition™.