Thanksgiving Does Not Make You Fat!

 Your Poor Planning and Negative Attitude Does, However.

You do not have to gain weight over the holidays, and you don’t have to deprive yourself either!

I understand that the holiday season frustrates many of you. You find it hard to control your eating between Halloween and New Year’s, and you often gain fat during this time. I have not gained any fat during the holiday season for the last five years. This year, I have even dropped some fat. All the while though, I’ve pretty much eaten anything I wanted.

Here is a little insight into how I execute food intake over the holidays.

1) Plan ahead
2) Make it fun
3) Don’t worry

Plan ahead: Don’t go into the season, a party, or to an event without having thought through an ideal plan. If necessary, take some healthful foods in your purse/car.

Make it fun: Eat only what is special, marvelously delicious, sentimental, or something you only get once a year. Leave the rest of the food for another day.

Don’t worry: We get obsessed with what goes into our bodies. We begin to define ourselves as “good” or “bad” based on what we have eaten. No! This must not be. Food is fuel; it does not define us. It should not be something that we fret about, and become anxious about.

Plan your food, eat your food, enjoy your food, then the next day, or the next meal, go back to business as usual.

Have a great Thanksgiving!